First Round of Gender Challenge

The first round of the Midweek Gender Challenge began on Wednesday with the Ladies leading 25 – 17.

Winner of the day was Miranda Gill(16) with 37 Stableford points. Second was Michael Spagnolo(9) with 35 points on CB from Sue Aurisch(36) and Ivor Brayley(25).  Alan Pell(10) on 34 points beat Rob O’Halloran(16) for third for the men.  The men won the team average for the day.

Adrienne and Bob

Marj Gouldthorpe won NTP on the 2nd hole and Graeme Bryant won the Club Award.

Kookaburra on the 4th

Gender Points:

Miranda Gill.           20

Michael Spagnolo  10

Sue Aurisch              5

Ivor Brayley               2

Team Average           5


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