Club Trips Away

After having a wonderful Yea Golf Club week away last year at Merimbula and the previous year at Wanaka, New Zealand, it is time to look ahead to 2018.

To get together at one time appears to be difficult, so I’m proposing that their will be two weeks and different venues to consider.  People can elect to go on either or both. As accomodation can be booked now and cancelled at no expense pretty easily next year, it is the time to start thinking about joining us!

Week 1 – Warrnambool and Port Fairy.  March 11th – 16th, about 4 1/2 hours travel.  2 days each at both Warrnambool and Port Fairy GC’s.

Week 2 –  Orange and Bathurst.  April 9th – 13th, (2nd week of the Vic but not NSW school holidays).  About 7 1/2 hours travel.  1 day each at the three Orange GC’s and 1 day at Bathurst GC.

If interested in either week could you please let Alan know by the end of November so he can arrange more definite details about the program.  Remember to ask your friends as well!

Our Club Xmas breakup is on December 13th.  The ladies will be having their individual day on the 6th and the men will be travelling to somewhere on the 20th.  RACV Healesville or Mansfield for the men this year?  If you have a preference, let Alan know as well.

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