Tigers Win

Richmomd Tigers secured their first premiership in 35 years! Rick Wills and Brendan Trout Chenhall are happy Club Members.

Yea’s Grand Final event was a three person Ambrose held before the match. Winners with a net 61 5/6 were Russell Akers(14), G.Clements(15) and M.Betts(20).  Second with 63 were Rick “Tiger” Wills(7), Jeff Aurisch(16) and Rob O’Halloran(13). Third were Ivor Brayley(24), Alan Pell(10) and John Tanner(19) with 63 1/4.

Chook Lotto was won by Malcolm Betts winning both the eggs and chook.

Malcolm won the first goal kicker and Rick Wills/Kevin Coghlan won the Norm Smith, in the raffles.




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