Carl Rules as Gender Challengers Feast!!

Adrianne and Carl Anne Baynes International Trophy

Carl Maffei continued his golden streak at Royal Yea GC today taking home the Anne Baynes’ International Trophy –  a trophy struck last year during the Club’s 2016 New Zealand Golf escapade to commemorate Anne Baynes the late mother of popular Yea Golfer Adrianne Anglin.

Carl carded a fine 41pts (27h/c) , leading in a large field of 28 players, 17 men and 11 Ladies clearly demonstrating the popularity of our 2016/17 Summer Gender Challenge. Ray Partridge 39(22h/c) was runner up with Mr NTP, Bob Glenister 37(8h/c) coming in third …and yes, winning the NTP on the 2nd hole!

Karen Sangster returned the Ladies best score with 38 (27h/c) narrowly beating Sue Muir 37 (28h/c) who is returning to golf at Royal Yea after a 7 year layoff.

Our Ladies excelled themselves today … in the Kitchen that is, cooking up a magnificent gourmet lunch for the Men who in the last two weeks came from behind to snatch victory in the Summer Challenge. It’s okay readers, the guys kindly allowed the girls to join them once they had served themselves ….. a lot of fun, laughter, good food and good sport is there to be had at Royal Yea GC!

This Saturday the Club is looking forward to hosting the final round of the 2017 Murrindindi Masters. With our course beautifully presented and some 34 Yea Members playing with another 3-4 helping to cater and look after the Bar we can rightfully claim …our Members are doing a great job!

We look forward to seeing you all at Music & Pizza on the Green 12-5pm this Sunday 5th March.

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