Wednesday Men’s Golf

Carl Maffei with 34 stableford points won the competition on Wednesday. Runner up on 33 and NTP was Michael Spagnolo.  Peter Johnston was third on CB from Ian Scott and Bob Glenister on 32.  Winner of the Club trophy was Wombat on CB.

News from the New Zealand players is that the greens and surrounds are very tricky!  Golf has been difficult but everything else has gone to plan!  It must be hard to adjust to different conditions than at Royal Yea!


1 thought on “Wednesday Men’s Golf”

  1. Congratulation Carl on Wednesday’s win… since I have not been in the cart, you look like you are playing better…enjoy, because I’ll be back before you know it
    Looking forward to playing again some time after the 20th of May when the doctor gives me the all clear…see everyone then – can’t wait


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