Yea Ladies Keep Excelling!

Wins at the Golf Events just seem to keep on stacking up for the Yea Ladies! Must say we are just loving it, even if the weather keeps on throwing in a few curly days along the way. We will gratefully and graciously accept all the highs whilst they are happening. Go Yea!

Monday the 26th October, three amigos travelled to the hills of the Kilmore golf course , who were hosting the DDGA Championships. Thank you to Kilmore, you did a sterling job. Lunch magnificent to boot. Also a big Thank you to the Bendigo Bank for sponsoring, the prizes, they were beautifully presented. Lots of ups n downs with the scoring, but proudly we came home with some of the goods. Vicki Clements had a great day winning the, Mary Dockerty Trophy, a gorgeous clock, and the B Grade Handicap. Well done Vicki. My self, Karen Sangster, claimed the C Grade Scratch trophy. and Adrianne Anglin , a NTP. So all in all we had a very good day, the weather pleasant, just right for golf.

Moving on Wednesday 25th, another round of the Championships. One to go, to decide the final winners, always a conundrum until the end. But today we had a daily winner and what a win it was. Adrianne Anglin (13) had a bonza, 80 off the stick, for a 67 nett. Miranda Gill (18) another of our A grade players runner up with an 89 off the stick, 71 nett. Keeping the Championships interesting girls.

We now come to the 26th, After a little sleep it was off to Lancefield, the weather here not quite so inviting. Back to jackets, beanies and the likes. Cold, windy, whatever else thrown in. Although, it seems, does not affect some. After her great warm up the day before, Adrianne Anglin came home with the A grade prize, and 3 Player of the year Points. When your hot your hot! Just for another little snippet, last time Adrianne visited Lancefield, also 2023, their Tournament, she won the Open Scratch. Me thinks, she may like the place.

Lastly Sat, 28th, 5 girls strutted their stuff, a day not quiet what the weather man predicted, but still pleasant enough. Thankfully, still keeping some form, I had another win with a score of 38pts. Cindy Armstrong (37) runner up with 36 pts. No NTP.

Next week Wednesday 1st Nov, we have the Silver Spoon playoff between Adrianne Anglin, Meryl Connell and Sharon Grogan, the only girls winning a round through the year. Good Luck girls! The rest of us will have to be content on trying to win the daily event. Happy Golfing !

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