3 Person Ambrose

Nine teams of 3 participated in the Ambrose Event on Saturday. The course was really good considering the rain we’ve had over the last few weeks. Winners with 73 off the stick nett 61 1/3 were Anthony Coleman, Penny Brittain and Sharon Grogan. Second were Phil Armstrong, Rob O’Halloran and Judi Newman with 76 off the stick nett 61 5/6. Third were Paul and Jo Clayton with Di Holdsworth with 75 off the stick nett 64 1/2. Fourth with the best gross of 72 nett 64 5/6 were Rick Willis, Wayne Rowe and Kevin Coghlan. There were no NTP on the 18th and the Club Award winners were Alan Pell, Michael Spagnolo ( good to see him back) and Tony Rule with 75 nett 68 1/2.

Sharon Grogan, Anthony Coleman and Penny Brittain

Chooklotto results saw Rick Wills win 2kg of poultry and Trout the stubbie holder.

On Thursday at Dalhousie Veterans at Avenel GC Vicki Clements won the day at the Par 3 Event with 48 points. There were 27 participants who played the sand scrapes which is a different game to conquer! Well done Vicki.

Wednesday Golf Event was 4 Ball Best Ball. Nine teams of 2 contested the day with Anthony Coleman/PaulClayton winning with 43 points from Martin Lowe/Adrianne Anglin with 40 points. Third were Phil Armstrong/Penny Brittain wth 38 points. NTP for the men was Anthony and Adrianne for the Ladies. The Club Award went to Mic Sheather and DiHoldsworth.

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