Girly News Catch up

Once again our Season is in full swing, much to our delight. Lots of Golf Golf Golf!!!. Weather has been wonderful and the course is looking in tip top shape. Big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers. Top Job!!

Thursday the 9th of March one of our Ladies took herself to the Lancefield Tournament, having a ripper day, winning the Scratch Trophy! Well done Adrianne Anglin you are a legend.

Back home Wednesday the 15th March we held the first round of the Kath Homewood 36 hole aggregate. Kath being a very prominent past Life Member. Holding many important positions in the golfing fraternity. Lady Captain 6 years, Lady President 5 years, Pennant player and Lady President of Dalhousie, plus of course a Life Member. Not only did she represent our club at many tournaments, winning many maybe more than once, Kath was also a tireless worker over lots of years. It is an honour to win her Memorial event.

Eleven Ladies competing today. This year was a very exciting one, as of our new members Lois, who was putting in her second card to acquire a handicap, playing off a handicap of 54 managed to have 116 off the stick to come in with a grand score of 62. Look out Lois you will not be on 54 for long. Well done!!! Unable to play in the event as yet, allowed another of our members to take out the first round, with a not to shabby score either I might add. Meryl Connell (30) having a 70 nett. Well done Meryl. NTP for the day little old me Karen Sangster.

Wednesday the 22nd was the first round of the Silver Spoon. The final winner of the rounds will go onto represent our club at the State Finals. Today twelve Ladies took to the field to strut their stuff. Again Adrian Anglin(10) showing her fine form, having a birdie and a gobbler won the day with 37pts. Runner up Margie Wright (26) having a score of 34. Two more Ladies also had gobblers, one for Di Elliott and new comer Lois claiming the other. Go girls NTP seem to be on a little role me again.

Next week will be a little quiet as most of the club will be away on a golf trip. Hope you all enjoy your time away. Until your return wishing all Happy Golfing!

Adrianne Anglin Scratch Winner Lancefield 2023

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