4 Stick Event

Wednesday saw 17 blokes play 4 Stick Stableford with President Gary Pollard(12) selling 10 clubs after his performance. Posting 39 points he realises that the other 10 clubs are superfluous!! Only trouble is he is left handed which restricts his available buyers.

Second with 36 points was Brian Priestley(27) from third Alan Pell(14) on CB from Mic Sheather(29) both with 35 points. NTP was Russ Wealands and Allan Thatcher won the Club Award.

Jeff Aurisch played one of the shots of the year. Hitting his second on the ninth to the fairway from his ball being lodged in a tree. He then chipped to 2 meters and then sank the putt for par!

Jeff’s ball in tree

Only a left handed could play that! But his par cost me and Neil $2 as we were tied in our team competition coming into this final hole.

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