Wet but Still Success for Yea Girls!

Rain Rain go away!!! Golf has been like a preverbal set of traffic lights. Stop, go, hesitate, wait hoping for the green light to appear eventually. Judging from the heavy downpour last night our poor little balls will need a set of snorkels and very large flippers to make an appearance let alone the waders required by their owners. Some of the occasions we could actually get on the course it was hit and hope and even though it was in plain sight upon the landing you could actually find the ball again, being plugged so deeply in the ground. I actually had this vision of little golf trees popping up throughout the course. You know seeds planted, it is after all Spring. Could have been beneficial to replace balls lost and having some to spare. No I haven’t lost my mind just want it to dry out a little.

Even so much to our delight we have been able to play a little golf here and there with some success. Must be adjusting to the environment perhaps. Moving right along. Adrianne Anglin having been chosen for the recent Dalhousie Country Teams Event played very well winning the two of her games but unfortunately the good old rain washed out the last day hence the results had to be calculated on games already played by the team dashing the hopes of winning for the girls. Well played anyway girls!

Next chance of play it was off to Euroa for their once before cancelled event their Bowl. Fingers crossed no rain. Adrianne Anglin, Myself and Vicki Clements the Team for the day. Thankfully their course considering the weather was in good condition for the day and they are looking forward to more improvements as the weather improves. Although we were unlucky to come home with their bowl this time we were not far behind the local girls who got to keep their bowl this year. But, we did not come home empty handed. Adrianne Anglin winning A grade and 5 player of the year points, also in the small teams event. Myself Karen Sangster runner up in B grade by one point but also scored myself another 4 of the player of the year points. Wednesday we only played a social game of 9 holes (to wet) each putting in some money to make it interesting. I came home with the money honey. Paid for my coffee later. Thank you girls.

Thursday it was with baited breath we waited for the, it’s cancelled call. But no, it did not eventuate, it was off to Marysville for their Tournament although playing stableford instead of stroke due to wet conditions. A little drizzle started the day soon clearing up to actually a very warm pleasant day. Their course is always picturesque, luscious, beautiful flowers and this time loudly bubbling streams waiting to gobble up your balls if you misjudged your hits. Always a bonus to come home with the same ball you started with. Today Adrianne Anglin came home with A grade runner up, small teams plus some more player of the year points. The success was not finished yet Vicky Clements had a great day winning B Grade and myself a NTP for the day. YEA LADIES WE ARE ON A ROLL!!!! CONGRATULATIONS WELL DONE.

Golf Tomorrow? Hopefully by Wednesday we will be able to get on our course again. Until then Happy Golfing ? Quack Quack. Cheers All.

Adrianne Anglin Dalhousie Country Teams
Karen Sangster R/up B Grade Euroa
Vicki Clements B Grade Marysville

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