Yea Challenge Bowl a Great Success!

Firstly an update on the Pennant comp. Team Adrianne Anglin, myself, Jo Clayton, Di Elliott and Sue Aurisch travelled to Broadford to battle against Kilmore. An exciting day in more ways than one. Weather ok most of the time, course was good although a little challenging at times. A very close game, many finishing on the last hole or just before. The apposing teams managed to secure 2 wins then it was up to the wire waiting for the final three to appear thankfully a square and 2 wins were the go to end the day with a square. Congratulations girls we put up quiet a fight. One more game and hopefully we will be in the finals.

Wednesday it was a busy day preparing for our Bowl being held on Thursday.

What a day it was. Weather only spoilt by a little shower soon dispersing returning to a pleasant day for golf. Play was heavy but the course looked a treat. Many thanks to all who put in their time and effort to present it in such tip top condition. We are very grateful.

This year we were lucky enough to have a larger than usual field of over 60 players from 12 clubs to make up 21 teams. Big day for the organizers. Big Big thanks!! You all did a splendid job with things running like clockwork. All the Pre work and then everything falling into place. Great work in the office very efficient . Then what can I say Ladies the cooking, cleaning and presentation superb! After all enjoying the course we got to come in to a meal of piping hot soups, many varieties, bread rolls, lots of wonderful sandwiches and yes who can forget the sweet tooth people and for those healthy eaters plates of fruit. If the golf is bad it is always nice to return to wonderful food.

Only time the room was quiet was during the enjoyment of food. Lots of banter flowing around the room otherwise.

Today we were fortunate to have the House of Golf set up their wares so all could have a shop at great discounted prices. Also, once again, they donated a gift voucher for the raffle won by a very happy lady from Strathbogie Eleanor Barns. Very generous! You can be sure Jason and his team have been booked to return same time, same place next year.

The day ending with a short speech from our Captain Jan Wealands and then onto presentations from our Life Member Miranda Gill. This years winner of the bowl was Team Lancefield with 2 teams from Yea hot on their heals. Grade winners A Grade Lisa Caines 34 pts from Seymour, B Grade myself (only local winner) 34 pts and Jillian Chandler Marysville 36 pts. As you can see the spoils were shared around. Wonderful prizes at that.

Once again A Giant Thank you to all who helped make the day such a success you are all very much appreciated. GO YEA!!!!!!!!

Saturday comp is a round of Stroke. Monday pennant Yea are hosting so the Team has a bye. Wednesday it is the 4th Monthly Medal (Kindly donated by the Strath Creek Swimming Centre) and the second round of the Silver Spoon up for grabs. HAPPY GOLFING ALL!!!!!

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