CFA On Standby!

Locals are all getting a little worried with all the flames flying off the Golf course. The Simmons family are all on fire. Firstly Brian had to show off with a hole in one. I am then thinking that perhaps Christine thought what he can do I can do better or just maybe the positivity rubbed off because she is certainly burning up the run way at the moment. Slowly but surely claiming a little bit here a little bit there, then bam! I will just have little win at the Dalhousie tournament Monday then, I will top it up with a win on Wednesday 13th, not an unlucky no! and just to prove my my point about superstition I will rock up on Saturday 16th and win the Par event with a plus 2.

My goodness come Wednesday 20th everyone was shaking in their boots, wondering will Christine come today, if so what are our chances of claiming a prize today, surely we have a chance. Maybe she will have a flat tyre or something. Well girls sorry all your hopes were dashed. Christine did not have a flat, she showed up and once again conquered!!!!! flames flowing from her cart! I am on fire! CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTINE AWESOME GOLF GIRL!

Thursday Yea held the Vets competition and also another winner for the day. Cheryl Roberts had a great win in C Grade saying she loves the vets. CONGRATULATIONS Chez great job!!!

Saturday we are holding Foursomes Championships good luck everyone, then on Wednesday 27th the third Monthly Medal up for grabs. GOOD LUCK HAPPY GOLFING EVERYONE!!!!!!

The Fire Bird Christine Simmons!! Congratulations

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