Season Ends Season Beginning

Well what can we say without bragging and we are entitled to brag oh well can’t help it WE WON THE GENDER CHALLENGE!!!! GO GIRLS. This year was an exciting year the competition was up to the last day. Thankfully we lived up to the expectation. Congratulations girls a job well done. The boys did not disappoint by any means think some of us could take a few cooking lessons. Gee Whiz girls quite a goal for next year!!!! Thank you SOOOOO much boys an awesome menu. Muscles in sweet chilli and coconut cream sauce the entre. Poached chicken cooked to perfection on barbeque top with a sauce plus ham, vegetables and salad of choice. Sweets again well done. A little humour one not to mention any names was fronting up with a sweet and salad but unfortunately both ended up in the same place (not on the table) so thank you to his back up for replacing such beautiful dishes. We thank the club for such an enjoyable competition and ending. Really brings a lot more players to the golf course. We love it and totally recommend it to all other clubs, Brings the club much closer together a total bonus!

The boys had their own competition for the day the winners I am not sure of. Girls we had a 2 person Ambrose only 9 holes so we were not to tired to enjoy our lunch. Winners on the day were Cindy Armstrong and Cheryl Roberts. Runner Ups Miranda Gill & Penny Britton Well done girls but I can be sure whatever the days results it was a great day!

Thursday 3 of us went to Alexander for their bowl and were pretty pleased with our results. It was certainly a hard day at the office. Winning Team Marysville 2, a score of 106. We came in with 103 so were not unhappy. Team Adrianne Anglin, Vicky Butler and myself. Adrianne also won a NTP GO GIRLS

DRUM ROLL This coming Wednesday 2nd March Already is Opening Day please come along, bring a friend we would love to see you all. Enjoy our day a little golf, little food, and most of all Lots of new friends to be Made!!!!!! SEE YOU THERE!!!

Winners Cindy Armstrong and Cheryl Roberts

Left to right Helen Burnett, Val Howard, Dors Lehmann, Cindy Armstrong & cheryl Roberts

Cooks Gary Pollard, Bob Glenister and Ladies Captain Jan Wealands, Penny Britton & Di Holdsworth!

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