Xmas KK and Ambrose.

10 teams of 3 played Ambrose on Wednesday followed by Kris Kringle/lunch at Royal Yea. Even a little rain couldn’t dampen players spirits as everyone had a fun day out! Winners with 64 off the stick were professionals Ken Whitfort, Michael Spagnolo and Jo Clayton with a nett 57 5/6th. Second were Russ Wealands, Alan Pell and Karen Sangster with 69 nett 59. Third was Brendan Chenhall, Rob O’Halloran and jan Wealands with 71 nett 60 2/3rd. Fourth team in the contest was Neil Peterson, Peter Johnston and Di Elliott with 71 nett 61 1/3rd. NTP for the Ladies was Penny Britton and for the Men Neil Peterson.

Saturday sees the Yea Races being held so anyone interested is invited for golf at Strathbogie GC to join their competition. Be there before 12 if you can and let Alan Know if possible. Next Wednesday sees a stableford competition at Yea with the weekend golf being a stableford round on Sunday Boxing Day. The Gender Competition will restart on the Wednesday 29th with a stroke round.

Happy KK at Yea

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