Season Complete!

Well things are all finalised! Season officially over. Now to concentrate on the Gender Challenge to which we had a little taste last week. Although Adrianne Anglin (15) came in with a blistering score of 41 pts to win the first placing sadly wasn’t enough, men securing more in minor placings to take the lead. But lads the competition has just begun anything can happen from here on in!

Now back to the fun stuff. Xmas parties, golf and Presentations. Twenty girls wandered on down to the Mandalay Golf course to have a little fun and recreation. The course, the hospitality, meals etc superb. The weather well not so much. The chill factor certainly crept through the bones. You know all that winter gear we took out of our bags because after all it is Summer right? Well girls we should have left it in. Thankfully the rain only light but the wind was a challenge. Speaking of challenges lack of knowledge certainly left a few wondering just what was the go. Technology outsmarted a few. I know I spent a lot of the time perfecting the art of reversing ones cart. There was this certain hidden line that you could not cross. Forbidden ground as it were. Got ya when you least expected it. Also the rough in places out of bounds. I did get wiser as the day went on and finally figured out the proximity of the dreaded blue line. One group though was not spared their cart breaking down made their day a little longer than others. I was informed that these smart carts can’t go wandering away from the course, a great security tool. Maybe the powers to be should have enlightened those not so tech savvy. Nah what the heck made for a lot of laughter working things out. The competition for the day a two person Ambrose to be won by team Adrianne Anglin and Cindy Armstrong Congratulations girls!

Presentations still not over, the long awaited winners of the Championships to be announced. This year competition a little different due to covid restrictions but non the less winners are grinners. So those that were able to play Congratulations! A Grade our Adrianne Anglin who I might add won the DDGA Player of the Year again! We are all very proud of you Adrianne certainly a top job!! Moving onto B Grade our Secretary Vicki Clements, C Grade and the Handicap Winner, a lady who has been having a cream year Sharon Grogan and last but not least our D grade winner Cindy Armstrong. Well done girls!

Moving right along each year the Captain gets to choose a worthy recipient for her Encouragement Award. This year Captain Miranda Gill decided to present two Ladies Penny Britton and Val Newman an award each. Go girls and thank you Miranda!

The final Major Presentation for the day, the Handover of the Captains position and the all precious badge. (some not game to wear in fear of loosing such a precious item) perhaps we should have a replica made just in case. So this years Outgoing Captain Miranda Gill presented with, such a happy face (relieved of the responsibility perhaps) the reins to Incoming Captain Jan Wealands who I might add has been a previous Captain for many years has stepped up to the plate once again. Well done to both Ladies and thankyou for taking on the responsibility of the Lady Captains Position. We all appreciate your efforts! So here’s to a Safe and Merry Xmas and to the prospect of a much better New Year!! HAPPY GOLFING EVERYONE!!!!!

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