Cindy Armstrong Wins Mixed

There were 30 golfers on Wednesday playing a mixed Stableford event. Showing a clean pair of heels to the rest of the field was Cindy Armstrong(43) with 47 points!! Second on CB was Brian Priestly(31) from Mic Spagnolo(8) with 41 points. Fourth also on CB was Dors Lehmann(33) from Allan Coates(10) with 39 points. NTP on the 18th were Brendan Chenhall for the Men and Vicki Clements for the Ladies. The Club Award was won by Bill Dredge.

Winner Cindy Armstrong with presenter Russ Wealands

Sunday(Boxing Day) will also be a Mixed Stableford. Bookings are available on line. Gender Challenge Rd 2 will be at 8:30am on Wednesday.

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