Lachie Wins Monthly Medal

Competition at golf is officially back! Saturday saw 28 men contest a stroke & putting round for the MonthlyMedal, the second round of the Men’s Championship and the fourth round of the Sichlau Trophy. After overnight rain the course was in very good shape and conditions for golf were excellent.

Winner of the day was Lachlan Wischer with a fine nett 68(9) from Rick Wills 71(8) and Phil Armstrong third with a nett 72(23). The putting went to a CB on 24 putts to John Tanner from Lachie and Ken Whitfort. NTP on the 18th was Oliver Wischer and the Club Award was won by Bill Moore,

Best in A Grade was Lachie from Rick with Mic Spagnolo 73(8) third on CB from Anthony Coleman 73(7). B Grade saw Russell Wealands 73(21) best from Alan Pell 74(14) with Jeff Moss 78(16) third on CB from Peter Johnston 78(17) and Kevin Coghlan 78(19). C Grade best was Phil Armstrong from Tony Rule 76(26) second from third Mic Sheather 77(39).

After two rounds of the Men’s Championship Ken Whitfort leads A Grade with 159 from Lachie Wischer and Anthony Coleman both on 163 with Rick Wills a further 2 strokes back on 165. Mic Spagnolo is next with 168. In B Grade Alan Pell is 178, Peter Johnston and Brendan Chenhall both on 188, Russ Wealands on 190 and Jeff Moss 191. C Grade sees Phil Armstrong 198 in the lead from John Tanner 202, Carl Maffei 206 and Tony Rule 207.

In the Clarke Trophy, which is the lowest handicap score over the three rounds, Lachie Wischer leads with 145 from Ken Whitfort and Anthony Coleman 149, Russ Wealands and Alan Pell 150, Greg Clements, Paul Clayton and Mic Spagnolo 152, Phil Armstrong 153, Mic Sheather and Peter Johnston 155.

Wednesday sees a stableford round starting at 8:30am with the third and final round of the Championships next Saturday.

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