Ladies Season Officially Open

Here we are again Firstly I need to correct a mistake in my reporting of the Strathbogie 4BBB. Seems there were to many runner ups for this old girl to figure out. Simples is the way to go these days girls! So, there was a Winning Team, (which wasn’t us) then comes in the first runner up (officially 2nd place) That was us! Team Cheryl Roberts and Doreen Lehmann on 46 points got that bit right. Then another runner up on a countback (3rd placing) also us Team Sue Aurisch and Helen Burnett also on 46 points. Regardless well done. So with that all sorted on we go. Hope I get this all correct.

Open! Ladies Season has begun! To which we celebrated Wednesday 3rd March with a 9 holes Ambrose competition, a yummy lunch and for some a few wee beverages to boot. Coffee very nice too. 26 Lovely Ladies paired up, some existing members some new, some possibilities of becoming members.

A morning that was a little cool but did warm up along with the swings. Firstly the official part has to take place of course with our Captain Miranda Gill welcoming all and enlightening us all on the days procedures. The first official ball being hit this year was by one of our life members, Barb Fisher, who over the years has taught many on the art of playing golf. Thank you Barb and it was a very nice hit at that. A little nerve wracking with all watching but you did not seem to care one bit.

Now that the official bit over we all moved off to go find a tee and enjoy the company, have a few good hits and lots of giggles which could be heard all over the course. With the game over, all headed back to the clubrooms for lunch and the announcement of the winners. This year we had a very generous donation from a person who wishes to remain unknown for a voucher to purchase a club polo or vest. A big thank you to that person very much appreciated. Drum role today’s winners were Margie Wright and Judi Newman well done girls. The runner ups: Captain Miranda Gill and new comer Lynne Rieger. Great Day had by all.

Now for a few more announcements: Sat Golf. Ladies 9.00 for 9.30am start. Please note the Electic, Birdies & Gobblers has officially started so please mark on your cards if you should be fortunate enough to have one.

The NTP for Saturday will be on the 2nd. Please note it does not necessarily have to be on the green the prize will be given to the one closest to the pin even if it has not reached the green. HAPPY GOLFING EVERYONE!!!!!

Gathering for the Official Opening
First Hit Life Member Barb Fisher

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