And the game goes on

Very quiet on the home front many away playing at Lakes Entrance and surrounds and no doubt having a jolly good time, golfing, socialising etc etc. This week those left behind played the very humbling game of PAR. Seven Ladies braved the 18 holes, one player 9 holes and another adding to her cards for the new handicap. One of our newer members Judi Newman (54) outdid herself to come in with a +5. Go Judi down comes the handicap yep whoo hoo now 52 Congratulations! Judi also managed a gobbler in her efforts. Another of our lovely Ladies Penny Britton (43) runner up with a -1, also coming down in her handicap now 42. And another new member Chris Kellett also scored a gobbler. Well done girls top effort!

Today a few of our Ladies travelled to Marysville to play in rain. Very wet they tell me. Adrianne Anglin the only winner adding 4 points to her Player of the year points other than that the booty stayed at Marysville.

Next week a very important Competition, close to our hearts the Royal Womens Hospital 4BBB. Choose your own partners but if you haven’t one I am sure there will be enough to go around for all. We will also be having a raffle if you should so wish to donate a prize or just purchase some tickets. It’s for a great cause. All raffle proceeds go to the Hospital as well as the entries for the day. Look forward to seeing a huge roll up. HAPPY GOLFING EVERYONE!!

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