Boxing Day/Gender Rd 2

Saturday saw 13 members play a Stableford round at Royal Yea. Winner with 38 points was Malcom Bett(26} from second Vicki Clements(22} on 36. Third was Alan Pell(12) with 34. Steve Romney was NTP on the 18th and Brendan Chenhall won the Club Award.

In the final of the Club Knockout Carl Maffei defeated Rob O’Halloran on the 18th 31-30.

Winner Carl Maffei

Wednesday saw the second round of the Gender Challenge with 33 golfers playing Stroke and Putting. Winner of the day was Norm McCallum(41) with nett 63 from second Michael Spagnolo(8) with net 65. Third was Lorraine Callander(17) nett 65 from fourth Val Howard(54) 68 and fifth Peter Johnston(16} also on 68. The team averages were Men 71.0 and the Ladies 73.3. Darcy Pell and Di Holdsworth were NTP winners on the 10th for 2. Graeme Bryant and Miranda Gill we’re putting winners with 25 and 26 putts respectively. Michael Sheather won the Club Award. Progressive totals in the Gender Challenge sees the Men 110 Ladies 60.

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