It’s over PHEW

All breathe a sigh of relief the stress of the Championships is over for this year and such a strange year it has been.

Firstly Saturday 7th November golf. Six ladies ventured out for a round of stableford. A couple of seasoned players and a few of the newer members and much to their delight the newer girls had a good day. Go girls well done! Penny Britton (not button – inside joke) (50) had a fabulous 41 pts to take the honours and runner up Helen Burnett (54) a great 31 pts. Wonderful to see you all improving so much and enjoying your golf. Keep it up!

Wednesday the 11th November not only a very important day for history ‘LEST WE FORGET’ But today also brought an end to the Championships.

Daily Comp an important comp up for grabs taught one player a very valuable lesson. Do your exercises and good things come to fruition. A very exuberant Cheryl Roberts (32) had one of her best days for a little while. 101 off the stick giving her a 69 nett and also a birdie to boot. I was told a little bird dance went along with it to celebrate. One happy little vegemite! Runner up Adrianne Anglin (13) another awesome 84 off the stick giving her a 71 nett. Adrianne also a gobbler. Margie Wright on her first day back for a while managed to secure herself a birdie and more gobblers in full swing Christine Simmons who also had NTP on the 11th 2nd shot. Top job girls!

Drum role Championship results. As I have explained before lucky for some and very unlucky for others. Rules. It is allowed to drop off your worst score and keep your best three. A system that can change the outcome dramatically very quickly. For my shooting buddies bit like not winning an event but you can win the High Gun with consistent scores. Unfortunately not in Golf NO High Gun.

This year we have been very fortunate due to some very hard work and dedication. Especially in a very trying year and to whom we thank immensely for their efforts. It’s wonderful watching our Number of members increasing. Such so this year we were able to include a D grade into our championships. I can’t remember when it was the last time this could happen. Hopefully with the clinics being organised memberships will continue to grow.

Suspense is killing everyone isn’t it ha ha. What’s the results. A Grade a very consistent Adrianne Anglin. B Grade Secretary Vicki Clements. C Grade Our Captain Doreen Lehman. Guessing she caught up on her wager. D Grade Penny Britton. Handicap Champion Doreen Lehmann. Lots of close scores this year very pleasing to see. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED but as we know there can be only one winner. Everyone gave it their best shot!!!!! Great golfing girls.

Hopefully in the short term with restrictions easing a little we can continue the journey getting back to normal. Looking forward to a brand new year and just maybe NORMAL will be back. Only a few more weeks of girl competition and when December hits BRING ON THE GENDER CHALLENGE!!!! Happy Golfing Everyone

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