Slow Return from Covid

So nice to be back at least partially all (“At a Distance”) Golf certainly has taken on a new role but better to be little than none. Like everything we learn to adapt.

So a little update for the girls since the return but before we get into the winners are grinners bit. Yea have had their AGM and I would like to take this opportunity to thank those that have decided to retire from their roles one being our Captain Vicky Butler. So a BIG thank you for all your hard work during your time of being Captain enjoy your retirement and get back to just hitting the ball around you deserve it.

So this leaves a Big position to fill. Hmmm now who is going to be brave enough to take on the task. Well of course our very passionate and enthusiastic and reasonably new member Doreen Lehmann. Congratulations Doreen may you enjoy your new found position we are sure you will be more than able to take on the task and hopefully not wear you out too much. Being Captain can be a wee stressful at times just ask all who have been before you. Thank you for taking on the task!

So now we will move onto the winners of the past few weeks . Weather has been very changeable this time of year but whats new. Good ol’ fog, rain, wind and oh that stuff called sunshine comes along sometimes and oh what glorious days are they! Golf then, no matter the score is just plain enjoyable. Player numbers have varied but still a good role up. Stableford has been the game played most of the time during these heavy times and covid. 13.5.2020 Miranda Gill(15) 32 pts runner up Adrianne Anglin (13) 30 pts. 17.5.20 Doreen Lehmann (35) 25pts on CB from Cheryl Roberts (30) 25 pts. 20.5.20 Adrianne Anglin (13) 31pts runner up Doreen Lehmann (35) 26 pts on CB from Vicki Clements (22) 26pts. 27.5.20 Regi Bell (34) 35 pts runner up Adrianne Anglin (13) 30 pts. 3.6.20 Miranda Gill (15) 34 pts runner up Adrianne Anglin (13) 30 pts

10.6.20 change of pace today stroke, putting, Monthly Medal and second round of silver spoon today new member Regi Bell (33) had another great day taking the honours with nett 78 runner up Vicki Clements (22) nett 81. Regi also won the putting 29 great effort! 17.6.20 Now this was one of those days who cares about golf scores the weather was awesome. Apart from being a wee wet in places no one could complain, well maybe the scores just a little for some. But we did have a winner playing stableford today a very consistent Adrianne Anglin (13) 30 pts runner up Vicki Clements (22) 29 pts CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS! Also a big high five for our new girls Val Howard, Jan Gilmartin and Judi Newman completing 18 holes Go Girls!!!!

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