Round 2 Gender Challenge

Wednesday saw a stroke and putting event with 15 men and 9 ladies competing. Winner of the day was Brian Simmons10) with nett 67 from second Michael Spagnolo(8) 69. Third was Dianne Holdsworth(23) on CB from Dors Lehmann(39) with nett 71. NTP on the 18th and winner of the men’s putting with 24 putts was Brian Simmons. Myrna Patterson won the Ladies Putting with 30 putts. Ken Whitfort won the Club Award. The team average was won by the Ladies (74.7 to 75.2).

Progressive Gender Challenge. Men. Ladies

Round 1. 50. 35. Brian Simmons 25. Michael Spagnolo. 20. Di Holdsworth. 15. Dors Lehmann. 10. Helen Andrews. 5. Team Average. 10.

Round 2 95. 75

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