Johno Wins 54 Hole Event

Saturday saw 16 men contest the third and final round of the 54 Hole Event. Winner with a total 18 points was Peter Johnston(15) from Jonathon Fisher(13) with 17 points. Peter’s name will be recorded on the new board. Conditions were vastly improved with sunshine all day. It was also Monthly Medal and the winner with a nett 73 was Brian Simmons, from Michael Spagnolo(7) with 74 and Greg Clements(15) third with 75.

Putting was won by Brian Priestly with 28 putts on CB from Greg Clements. NTP on the 14th was John Tanner and the Club Award Winner was Bruce Kindred. Chooklotto Chook winner was the worthy Peter Johnston, Stubbie Holder Alan Pell and hand warmers was Brian Simmons l

Medalist Brian Simmons and 54 Hole Winner Peter Johnston

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