From the President’s desk

Hello, All

I’m very excited to inform all Members that we’ve agreed to purchase a new, second-hand Mower!

The mower is a Trimax Snake Fairway mower – only six months’ old and comes with a 30 month Warranty, and with spare parts.

As the mower will be in Yea at the end of the month we’ll look forward to having the fairway’s in tip top condition for the Spring and Summer months:

For your information we purchased the mower from a Turf Farm located in Berry NSW (on the NSW coast near Nowra)

When the Turf Farm purchased the mower for themselves, they felt it would be large enough to cut all their turf, however, as they later decided to increase the size of the turf farm they realised they needed a larger mower from Trimax.

Whilst we thought our old Stealth mower would last us another twelve to eighteen months, we felt the opportunity to purchase the near new Trimax now, was the best thing to do, as the offer was too good to knock-back.

We intend to sell our old Stealth mower and with the proceeds of the sale it’ll make the purchase of the Trimax mower even more beneficial to our coffers.

Some members of the Board met several times to discuss the purchase of the Trimax mower in consideration of the large amount of the Club’s money – I wish to thank you all for the time and effort you’d contributed – ending in a positive outcome for the betterment of the Club. However, the Board feels, and rightly so, the purchase of the Trimax mower will serve the Club well for the next decade or more.

On other matters:

It was fantastic to see Peter Keast at this month’s Board meeting and looking so well, and to have seen Cheryl Roberts’ happy face when she showed-up in the Club House over the past couple of weeks.

May I also remind ALL Club Members to encourage all of their friends who are not already members of Royal Yea Golf Club, of the fantastic reductions in joining fees on offer at the present.

I also want to add my congratulations to everyone on the Cancer Fund Raising day…all who played enjoyed the comradery of the mixed Ambrose event and the extensive and enjoyable afternoon tea…We raised $400 on the day

In closing…I wish all those members who all seem to be enjoying themselves in the sun of Northern Australia safe travels, however, they could be waking up to minus one or two degrees, or even snow at Glenburn! if they stayed in Yea…they don’t know what they are missing…not snuggling up in front of a warm fire with a glass of red in their hand…what more could you ask for.

Continued good golfing and I’ll keep you up-to-date with any news

More soon

Ivor Brayley

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