Sam, Carl and Jeff Win Ambrose.

It was the Winter season opening for the men at Royal Yea. Six teams contested the Ambrose Event on Saturday. With 68 off the stick the team of Sam Wright(20), Carl Maffei(25) and Jeff Aurisch(14) took out the competition with a nett 58 1/6. Second were Robert O’Halloran(19), Russ Akers(15) and Alan Pell(11) with 67 gross and 59 1/2 nett. Robert. O’Halloran won the NTP on the 18th and the team of Ivor Brayley, Neil Peterson and John Tanner took out the Club Award.

Chooklotto Superdraw was won by Neil Peterson $100, Myrna Patterson second with $60 and Greg Clements third with $40.

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1919 Club Draw: Amid the excitement of the Superdraw, the Club Knockout for men was also conducted. Check the Club program for details of the competition. The preliminary round is to be played by the end of April; the first round by the end of May. (. ) indicates a prelimary match. 1/ Peter Johnston. V. (Martin Lowe v Alan Pell). 2/ Jeff Aurisch. V. (David Ngo. v John Anstey). 3/ Peter Keast. V. Kevin Coghlan. 4/ Carl Maffei. V. Jonathon Fisher. 5/ Ray Partridge. V. (John Tanner v Matt Madden). 6/ Wayne Lehmann. V. (Brian Priestly v Bill Dredge). 7/ Brian Simmons. V. Bob Glenister. 8/ Russ Akers. V. Rob O’Halloran. 9/ Bruce Kindred. V. (Brendan Chenhall v R. Wealands). 10/ Graeme Bryant. V. (Gary Pollard v Brad Clements). 11/ Trevor Connell. V. Rick Wills. 12/ Steve Rumney. V. Wayne Rowe. 13/ Ken Whitfort. V. (John Phillips v Greg Clements). 14/ Ivor Brayley. V. (Malcolm Bett v Allan Thatcher). 15/ Michael Spagnolo. V. Terry Chaplin. 16/ Jeff Moss. V. Sam Wright

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