Di Elliot Takes Charge

Di Elliot with playing partner Ray Partridge post-game.

Di Elliot(27) played an amazing round of golf to post 42 stableford points on Wednesday to win in the first round of the Summer Gender Challenge.  Highlight of her round was a birdie on the 6th hole giving her 5 stableford points!

Nine Ladies and thirteen Men contested the first round with Jeff Aurisch(16) winning the men’s competition and second overall.  Michael Spagnolo(7) was third overall on CB from fourth Lorraine Callander(15) with 36 points.  Karen Sangster(26) was third for the ladies with 34 and Ivor Brayley(28) was third on CB from Russell Wealands(21) with 36 for the men.  Graeme Bryant was NTP on the second and Brendon Chenall was the Club Award Winner.

Gender Points went to Di Elliot – 20 points, Jeff Aurisch – 10, Michael Spagnolo – 5, Lorraine Callander – 2 and team average Men (32.5) to Ladies (31.3) – 5 points to the Men.  Total Ladies 22 to the Men 20.


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