Dr. Martin Wins on CB

Martin Lowe

Royal Yea Golf Course was the winner on Saturday with the best score of 12 players being 29 points!  Four players were involved in the CB with Martin Lowe(17) winning from Michael Spagnolo(7), John Tanner (16) and Jeff Aurisch (18).  Michael Spagnolo won NTP on the 2nd and Malcolm Bett won the Club Award from Brian Simmons with a score not too far away from the CB boys!  Chooklotto was won by Jeff Aurisch, stubbie holder by Carl Maffei and the hand warmers by David Ngo.

Reminder to everyone, members and friends, of the nine hole event on this coming Sunday, hitoff at 10:00 am followed by lunch and table tennis.  Winning club members will get the chance to represent the club at further district and state events, culminating in a national event at the Australian Open Venue.









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