Monthly Medal on Saturday

Twenty players contested the Monthly Medal stroke round on Saturday and even though the course was in good condition from the recent rain, scores were below average.  Winner of the Medal was Alan Pell(10) with a nett 74 from Michael Spagnolo(6) with nett 75.  Third was Jonathon Fisher with nett 76 on CB from fourth Greg Clements.  NTP on the second was Bill Dredge and the Club Award was won by Terry Chaplin on CB from the Club Captain.  The putting competition was won on CB by Alan with 29 putts from John Tanner.

Jeff are you bogged?


Chooklotto was won by Peter Johnston with Wayne Rowe the stubbie holder winner, with Martin Lowe the third place winner with the hand warmers.

I’m glad it’s not my head!


2 thoughts on “Monthly Medal on Saturday”

  1. Pelly’s Ping Pong produced many highlights with most players showcasing hidden skills from years gone by. The highlight was an epic battle between Doc Martin and Alan ” side spin” Pell for the Final with Alan bringing home the bacon.
    Thanks go to Alan for organising the day.

  2. Buggy, not bogged but grounded…blinded by the “manakin” mounted on the sand bucket holder on the 2nd Tee!


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