Irish Team Stableford Decided by CB

Wednesday saw the men have 3 teams of 3 players contesting Irish Team Stableford at Royal Yea.  There was plenty of sunshine during the round but conditions were heavy with the rain we received over the last three days, allowing very little roll.

Irish Team Stableford allows the best of three Stableford points to be recorded for the first six holes then the best two scores from holes 7-12 and finally all three scores from the last 6 holes.  All teams said they struggled with conditions and a winning score was hard to predict.  The result however was very close with 1 point separating all three teams!

Winners on CB with 65 points(41 points on the back nine) were Michael Spagnolo(6), Bill Dredge(20) and Carl Maffei(23).  Second on 65 points(37 back nine) were Alan Pell(10), Jeff Aurisch(16) and Peter Williams(21).  Third were Bob Glenister(9), Rob O’Halloran(18) and Graeme Bryant(23) with 64 points!

NTP on the 10th for two was Bob Glenister.  In what must be a first, Bill Dredge won the Club Award on CB from three others all on 25 points, collecting $10, plus he won $10 and a ball for being in the winning team!

Jeff Aurisch won a ball for the highest individual score of 34 points.

Reminder of both Chooklotto and our first table-tennis contest after golf on Saturday.



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