2018 ladies pennant team

With two battles concluded 2018 pennant team Division one pictured Chris Simmons, Adrianne Anglin, Laraine Callander, Di Elliott and Miranda Gill lead by Captain Laraine Callander manage to keep third equal place with Seymour. Last game Yea battling with Euroa saw two games won by Adrianne and Di with Laraine losing on the 18th very close indeed. This leaves the leader board Marysville 25, Alexandra 19, Seymour & Yea 11 points, next Euroa 10 points with Kilmore struggling on 3 points. Well done Yea girls long time since we have been in division one due to the low handicaps of our girls keep up the good work. three more rounds to go we wish you all the best. Go Yea!!!

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