Rick Wills leads A Grade Championships

Bob, John and Russell.
Bob, John and Russell.

Rick Wills leads A Grade with 76,  Mic Spagnolo with 82 leads B Grade and Sam Wright with 92 leads C Grade in the first round of the Club championships.

Michael Spagnolo(13) won the day and medal with a net 69 on CB from Rick Wills(7).  Trevor Connell won the putting with 26 putts.  Kevin Coghlan won NTP on the second.  Bill Dredge won C Grade with a net 70.

John Tanner was second in B Grade with net 71 on CB from Jeff Aurisch, while Carl Maffei was second in C Grade with a net 71.

The Captains Award, sorry Club Award was won by Gary Pollard for the first time.

Gary's Award
Gary’s Award

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