Wednesday 1 June – Winter Golf begins!

Neil, Mick & John on the 13th as the fog rises.

Men’s Stableford
Ten players braved the zero degree start to today’s Stableford event. Neil Peterson, who has been runner up on countback a few times recently, emerged from the fog and won the event narrowly with 33 creditable points from John Tanner 32 Points.

A huge thankyou to Ross Girdwood for his work spraying the fairways (and rough!) for capeweed!

Ladies Stableford

Fog#2 13th
The newly sprayed 13th Fairway looks a picture – despite the low hanging fog today Ladies rugged up for this morning’s event.

Eight Ladies rugged up in their winter fleece and beanies for today’s event,

Di Elliot  carded 33pts to win from Cheryl Roberts on 31 Points.

With similar scores as the men today, and the Winter Gender challenge just a month away … the scene is all set for a ‘warm’ (but friendly) rivalry in July

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  1. To the man who sits on the tractor and wears a Carlton Draught cap……… It’s actually Glysophate that we spray;not Glucosamine!!


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