Golf Not as we know it!

What a crazy world we are living in thank God we at this stage can still set foot on our course and play a game even if we have restrictions. We still get to breathe the fresh air, feel the sunshine, have little bit of exercise and conversation and most most importantly whack out the frustrations on that wee little white ball in the name of sanity. Life of the golfer is still good!

Now for a wee catch up on a few results before and after the arrival of the dreaded corona. Wednesday the 11th 9 players rocked up to play the sneaky two person stableford multiplier. By sneaky I mean you just did not know who your partner in crime was until the end of the game. Some were lucky some not so but even so a lot of fun. Winners for the day Team Di Elliott and Myrna Patterson (60). Daily competition new comer Reggi Bell (38) with 36 pts runner up Myrna Patterson (27) 35pts. Well done girls.

Sat 14th the Murrindindi Masters held at Eildon was a good day for one of our younger members, well we think she is. Top job Marj Gouldthorpe won the Ladies Mini Master!

Wednesday 18th up for grabs our very first monthly medal today was Doreen Lehmann’s (34) turn to shine topping the field with a 71 plus a fine bit of putting Cheryl Roberts managed to win the putting comp with 28 putts season off to a fine start. To celebrate Doreen, Cheryl and a few other ladies travelled to Rich River for a wee bit of golf I have not heard about any wins other than at the pokies! I am sure a good time was had by all.

Sadly then the corona sprang into action the group heading to Lakes Entrance and area to play lots of golf came to a screaming end. Lucky Di Elliott had a win on the pokies before they closed the doors. At least she was happy her winning streak was back even if the golf was no more.

Back home for most Wed 25th golf at a distance another Monthly Medal and 1st round of the silver spoon all having to wait patiently at home for results. Well much to her surprise another really new comer came in with a score of 70 Well done Penny Britton! Your very first monthly medal pity you have to wait for the official presentation but it is worth it. Nice to add to the trophy collection there will be many more to come keep up the good work. Penny also won her first round of the silver spoon! Runner up for the day also with another very good close score Cheryl Roberts (29) 71 Awesome golf girls. Putting comp little ol’ me 32 putts on a count back from Penny and Vicki Clements I also was lucky enough and got the NTP.

Hopefully we can continue our competition “at a distance ” something to look forward to! I also I have many birthday wishes to deliver to those girls who have birthdays in the month of March. Val Howard, Jan Wealands, Norma Tobias, Helen Howard, Sue Aurisch and last but not least trusty Secretary Vicki Clements so HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS HOPE YOU ALL HAVE OR HAD AN ENJOYABLE DAY UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES.

Happy golfing everyone we hope all can get back to normal ASAP until then stay safe, healthy and above all happy!

Marj Gouldthorpe Ladies mini master
Right Doreen Lehmann 1st monthly medal with Cheryl Roberts winner putting
NTP winners Euroa the two Di’s Holdsworht and Elliott
few of the Rich River players Helen, Adrianne, Cheryl and Doreen
This says it all Happy Happy Di

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