2020 Golf Season has begun!

Well all very exciting our new Golf Season is off and running after a successful summer season not wanting to rub it in or anything but the Girls WON! Sorry boys but we have decided after such a superb Lunch you had all better loose next year etc we don’t think can can top such a great job you all did. Thank you very much we certainly appreciated your efforts!

March the 4th Our Opening Day! Beautiful golf weather not hot and didn’t rain what better things could one ask for. This year we had a few new faces come and partake in a wee bit of fun. 9 holes Ambrose and from what I could hear around the course fun was the word. Lots of giggling going on. We do hope they did enjoy the day and would like to come join our Club and play a game or two. Very Welcome!!!!

Of Course we had to have the formalities and this year we had our New and youngest Life Member Miranda Gill hit the first ball of the season and as Miranda always does hit it beautifully. She did admit she was a little nervous but very proud and humbled to have the honour.

So after all the hit n giggles all wandered back into the club for a spot of lunch and to find out who had won for the day. This year team Cheryl Roberts and partner Val Howard took the honours with a 23.75 well done girls. Runner ups Miranda Gill and Penny Britton with a 25.

Next week let the fun begin Happy Golfing Everyone!

Winners Val Howard and Cheryl Roberts(both on ends) with runner ups Miranda Gill & Penny Britton in the middle
Few of the happy bunch
First Ball not a worry for Miranda Gill

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