Girly Chill Factor

Seven silly girls fronted on Wednesday 29th May although it a little hard to tell with all the layers they were wearing. The rain thankfully stayed away but boy the chill factor left nothing to the imagination so many bits were numb by the end of the day. But one lady it seems didn’t let it faze her. Must have been right at home having just returned from the icy cold climates of overseas. Miranda Gill (15) just stepped right back in just as if she hadn’t left to win the 3rd round of the Silver spoon, the Monthly medal and of course the putting. It was a hard day at the office but she came in with nett 77 and 25 putts top effort and welcome home.

Runner up for the day was another holiday maker returned Vicki Clements (23) 79 nett. We are all deciding that we all need to go on a holiday does wonders for your golf. Well done girls!

Miranda Gill winner !

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