Ladies open day Great Success!

Although a little cool the sun was out to see the start to a great season of golf! The girls all smiles some old but pleasantly some new faces all looking forward to a day of enjoyment, golf, food and great company! Captain Vicky Butler set the day rolling delivering all the formalities then we all wandered up the the 10th tee to witness the very first ball being hit for the season. Life member Myrna Patterson took the honours this year and proved she has not lost her touch smashing the ball straight down the middle of the fairway. All having been placed in teams of two to play ambrose proceeded to selected tees beginning a day of laughs and sometimes seriousness needed to correctly hit the ball. Must say the ball had the last laugh on many occasions! As we all know the ball doesn’t have a selected few to whom it gives a hard time! It can pounce when least expected! Surprises always in a game of golf and just when you think the ball is the winner it tricks you into thinking that you will master it one day leaving you doing something spectacular just to entice you back. Tricky little thing for one so small. Thankfully we all get to return to the clubhouse for much needed food and refreshments and of course we then find out who really had a good day. The girls put on a splendid lunch inviting special guests some very experienced players of the past, life members whom have taught us a thing or two over the years Norma Tobias & Betty Berkery a couple of sprightly young ladies also Myrna Patterson and Barb fisher (life members) both whom joined the play. Raffle proved to be a must with a few long looking bags disappearing very quickly, hmm. The day was not yet finished with some hilarious happenings. Winners for the day, runner ups were first call of the day happy but more was yet come the winners called all very excited seeing as there were a couple of special “”extra virgin olive oils”” up for grabs! Whoops hold the bus “El Capitan” didn’t have the specs on. Re run all a little deflated first lot of runner ups bit the dust replaced with the ex winners then the real winners please stand up. Jan Wealands and new comer-member Reggie took the honours well done girls enjoy yer oils. Runner-up Margie Wright and myself we will have nice smelling manicured nails. Top day had by all! couple of tournaments already happening shall report on those next time. Until then happy golfing.

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