Ladies Golf Season up n away

It’s official Ladies the 2019 season has begun on a very pleasant sunny day 12 ladies enjoyed a great game of golf Wednesday 13th. We were very pleased to have one of our life members Myrna Patterson join us again and of course she showed us how to get a nearest the pin. Welcome back Myrna. Another member Di Holdsworth returned from a medical issue in fine form. Di had a great day! Came in with a smokin 69 (24) to claim the years very first Monthly Medal and not only that won the putting (30 putts) Well done Di! Always nice to see your happy face. Runner up for the day Jan Wealands (30) 73. A little birdie told me today is her birthday (15th) A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAN!!!!  Also tomorrow another birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very young Norma Tobias we hope you both have a wonderful day ladies.

Tournaments have already commenced firstly Alexandra. One very hot day! But we did come home with a NTP Vicki Clements. A grade Adrianne Anglin starting another year of fine form. Our Captain Vicky Butler missed out on a prize with a fine score of 69 in her grade but did manage 3 player of the year points as Adrianne also 1 point. The next competition Lancefield. Adrianne another POTY point. Unfortunately Marysville a little challenging on the day. Good luck for the rest of the Season Happy Golfing everyone!

Winner Di Holdsworth

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