Girls back to business

Last week saw the end of the Mini gender challenge with the men once again taking the victory. Girls lacking in numbers school holidays etc. found it difficult to match the scores but hey we gave it a go. Today it is back to Girl business. Thankfully we had glorious weather which made the somewhat heavy going a little easier to bare. The previous day was wet and wild with strong winds glad that was not happening today. To our surprise we also had a four footed visitor who had obviously been having a wow of a time tap dancing on one of the greens making the putting very interesting to say the least. Of course the culprit was no where to be seen and the cockatoos made there mark on another. Quiet a week for the wildlife! But for us humans it was a long and tiring day at the office and scores were not all that good and we were all a little tired when we came in. The challenge today was the monthly medal and putting. Fortunately for me Karen Sangster was the lucky winner on a count back from Adrianne Anglin. both on 81 nett. Di Elliott was the successful putter of the day with 27 putts. We are so looking forward to some more warm. Pics Adrianne, Di and myself laying down on the job ha ha, nah was just on the wrong side of the table and of course the boys enjoying their lunch time. Happy Golfing everyone!

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