All Happening at Royal Yea Ladies events

Has been quite a lot happening on the down town royal yea golf course. Firstly a wee clerical error caused a bit of a mishap in who the winners of the Royal Women’s Hospital 4BBB were.  The final result being Di Elliott and Karen Sangster actually won the day with 42 pts. Runner ups Vicki Clements and Margie Wright on a count back from Adrianne Anglin & Vicky Butler 41 pts.  Next we move onto the pennant results played at Yea.  Marysville winning on the day 3/2. Games won for Yea Miranda Gill and Karen Sangster.  Last game played at Seymour next Monday.  Marysville looking to be hot favorites for the finals. Today we had our 2nd round of the Silver Spoon and 1st round of the Mona MacLeod 2 x 18  stroke rounds. (Mona Macleod won the Australian Championships 5 times and was President of VLGU from 1943 until her passing in 1953) I am very pleased I (Karen S) was most fortunate to win today with a 70 nett  Runner up Vicki Clements on a count back from Laraine Callandar 74 nett.  Four girls are off to Strathbogie tomorrow best of luck!

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