New oncourse hazards planted.

‘Royal’ Yea golfers will notice a few new plantings ……aka future hazards….during their next round.

Taking advantage of the wet winter conditions, and the generous donation of 20 Redgum seedlings from Richard & Janet Forde, members Russell Wealands and Alan Pell had some fun planting them in selected locations that will cause future generations of golfers to curse their names!

An oak tree, potted and nurtured by Neil & Marianne Peterson has been planted near the dead pine tree near the 9th green with the objective of retaining the challenge that tree causes so many players.

Before this current generation of golfers start cursing Russ & Al for their hard work …remember, you can take relief without penalty …..but ONLY until the trees grow to more than two club lengths in height.

Special thanks to Bob Glenister for his assistance in procuring the plants and materials.

1 thought on “New oncourse hazards planted.”

  1. Tree planting is a very good exercise when your team won’t be in the finals!
    Well done gents


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