Can you help?..more volunteer caterers

‘Royal’ Yea Golf Club’s ability to keep its annual membership fees low year after year is primarily dependent on it’s many volunteers…..and I would like to offer all Members and partners an opportunity to join in, have some fun and share the load.

With winter coming to an end, weeds to spray, plantings to be done,  sprinklers to find, greens to sand, grass to mow or whipper snip we would like more Men to take on a task or two.

A small band of our ladies do a fine job catering for Rotary, while othets help out keeping the Clubrooms clean, maintaining the gardens around our tees etc. ….but again, the tasks needed to keep our Course and clubrooms in tip top order become more like jobs unless they are shared between more members.

All Members and partners are invited to make an offer and take on a role that lightens the load on their fellow members. It can be as big or small as you have time for……but rest assured, it will be appreciated!

Some tasks like approaching local businesses and seeking out sponsors for our Tee signs, helping to get results up on the Club’s website, or just helping fill out the results at completion of play dont even involve getting one’s hand dirty and can be done at the game or from home.

Give it a try……volunteering is fun, gives back more than it takes…and is what our great Club is built on. If you aren’t giving your not getting the most from your membership!

The views expressed above are mine, …. not the Club’s Executive (although Im sure they’d agree) and I accept full responsibility for them.

Good golfing!

Russ Wealands – Web Administrator


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