From Club to Medal Award

Alan Pell (10) with a net 70 won the Monthly Medal Saturday.  This was a vast improvement from Wednesday when he won the Club Award.  Alan had 25 putts and also won the putting competition.  Second with a net 72 was new member Brian Simmons (11) with Peter Johnson (16) third with 74 on CB from John Tanner(19).  Neil Peterson won NTP on the 18th.

Vicki Clements was winner for the ladies on the day. Winner of the Club Award was Malcolm Bett.

Men, Men, Men.

Wednesday saw the final round of the gender challenge, which was conducted in drizzling rain for most of the round.  The course was wet with puddles but not that muddy.  The greens were really good and showed the benefit of the recent sanding.

Martin Lowe

Winner of the day was Martin Lowe (15) with 33 stableford points.  Second with 30 points was Jeff Aurisch (16) with Neil Peterson (13) third with 28.   Winner of the ladies was Adrienne Anglin (19) with 27 points.  Michael Spagnolo was NTP on the 14th and Alan Pell won the Club Award with 23 points!

Final Gender Points were Men 122 and the Ladies 4.  A very enjoyable lunch was held after the round in the clubhouse.

President Greg Blitzes

Thirteen men competed in a stableford competition on Saturday.  Greg Clements(15) with 39 points including two wipes, clearly was at the top of his game.  Second with 37 points was Malcolm Bett(20) with Martin Lowe(16) third with 36.

NTP on the 14th was Brian Simmons.  Mic Spagnolo was the popular winner of the Club Award with 29 points.  Mary Ann Peterson was the ladies winner.

Mic Spagnolo happy with his Award.



Gary Pollard leads the Men’s Team

Winter start

Wednesday saw the second round of the winter gender challenge being played at Royal Yea. Captain Gary Pollard(9) with +2 was the winner of the day.  On a foggy but windless and not that cold a morning, he was the only player with a plus score at the par competition.  Second with -1 was consistent Michael Spagnolo(9) and Neil Peterson(13) was third with -3.  Vicky Clements was best of the ladies finishing with -4 and came fourth overall on CB from Martin Lowe, Vicky Butler and Bob Glenister.

NTP was Neil Peterson on the 11th hole and the Club Award was won on CB by Ivor Brayley from Brian Simmons.

The overall gender competition stands at Men – 82 and the Ladies – 2!  All players next Wednesday are reminded to bring a plate for lunch after the third and final round.


Spagnolo on Par

There were 14 men players contesting a par event on Saturday at Royal Yea.  Michael Spagnolo  playing off a single  figure handicap of 9, scored -1 to win from Alan Pell(10) and Neil Peterson(13) on CB.  Michael was also nearest the pin on the 11th hole.  Malcolm Bett won the Club Award on CB from he.  He didn’t have a good golfing day but not to be outdone, won the super draw for chook lotto!

New member Christine Simmons playing her second round at Yea won the ladies event.  Many thanks to Miranda and Rob Gill who stepped in at the last minute to cater for Rotary on Thursday night.  Another example of the great workers we have at Yea Golf Club.


Strong Start by the Men

The 1st round of the 3 week, winter gender challenge started at Yea Golf Club on Wednesday. Unfortunately for the ladies, with quite a few away, their numbers were down and the men dominated the results, albeit with some very good scores. Mick Spagnolo was the winner with an excellent 39 points from Martin Lowe on 38, Jeff Moss 33 and a number of players on 32. Vicky Butler, fresh from her Italian sojourn, was best for the women with 30 points. No-one was nearest the pin. The club was pleased to welcome new member Christine Simmons for her first round. The battle continues over the next 2 weeks culminating with a Christmas in July lunch on the 19th.

Tanner Scores Big

John Tanner(20) had a marvellous score of 41 points again this Saturday.  He repeated his efforts of last week but this time the scores will count towards his handicap, after last week’s result was played from shorter tees.

John in the money

Second was Kevin Coghlan(16) with 40 points.  A big improvement from the Club Award last week!  Third with 38 points was Jeff Aurisch(17) from Michael Spagnolo(10) with 35 points.

Jonathon Fisher was NTP on the second and Bruce Kindred won the Club Award.

Michael Spagnolo also won both the scratch 57 and handicap 52 summer eclectic competitions. Alan Pell with 60 was runner up in the scratch and Kevin Coghlan with 57.5 was runner up in the handicap.

Tanner and Aurisch Enjoy New Tees

John Tanner(20) and Jeff Aurisch(17) both scored 41 Stableford points on Saturday’s novelty day at Royal Yea golf course.  Playing off unusual and challenging tee placements, the 17 golfers participating, had a different outlook of the course.

John Tanner receives his winning accolade from Captain Gary Pollard

John beat Jeff on CB having 23 points on the bottom nine.  Third on CB with 37 points was Carl Maffei (25) from Peter Johnston(16) and Gary Pollard(8).  Jonathon Fisher was NTP on the 18th and Kevin Coghlan won the Club Award.

New 16th tee!

The Chook lotto was was won by he of course.

He Wins Again

Ten men contested a stroke round with a putting competition as well on Wednesday. He won again playing off 13 off the white tees, he scored a net 68 to win by 2 strokes from Club Captain Gary Pollard(7) with a net 70.  NTP was Peter Johnston and you guessed it, he won the putting competition with 21 putts!!!