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…and today’s winners were Bob, Vicki and Footjoy!

Seven hearty men and five lady members awoke this morning, looked at the grey and rainy skies outside and were tempted skip Golf midweek today to go back to bed!

However, their stoic nature was rewarded with the skies clearing and the course in surprisingly good condition after the 11mm of rain that fell overnight.

Bob Glenister (8) blitzed the Men with an excellent 80 off the stick for a net 72 (28 putts). Neil Peterson (15) and Peter Johnson (15) had nett 75’s but Neil was runner-up on countback, Jeff Aurisch beat Bob on countback for the Putting Comp and Bob took out NTP. Russ Wealands played as though the conditions were shocking to take out the Club Award.

Vicki Clements lead the Ladies in with a fine 73 winning both the Monthly Medal and 4th Round of Silver Spoon. Adrianne Anglin 75 was Runner Up. Miranda Gill with just 27 putts showed the girls how to play on the short stuff.

The Footjoy Rep was kept busy measuring up the souls of players and Members who took the ‘stay in bed – come for lunch’ option …and taking orders for 15 pair of Footjoy Golf Shoes and other golf accessories. Thanks to all for contributing to a great lunch featuring beautiful home made soup – just what was needed after a gruelling day (for your scribe anyway!),

Thanks to Gary Pollard for arranging this visit by Footjoy – both a valuable service for Members (30% discount) and small, but also an important fund raiser for our Club.

Sam Wright hits form

A field of twenty players competed in a par round on Saturday.  Sammy Wright(20) with a +2 was a clear winner.  The course was in brilliant condition after the recent rain.  Second was John Tanner(19) with -1.  Third with -2 was President Greg Clements(14) with -2 and fourth was Bruce Kindred (30) with -3.  There was no NTP on the 11th and the Club Award was won by Rick Wills.


Club Award winner Rick Wills

Jeff Aurisch Only One on Par

The Men head off to first tee in sunlight!

With lovely weather, eight men took to Royal Yea in a par competition on Wednesday morning.  The only player to record a decent score was Jeff Aurisch(16) with -4.  Second with -6 was Martin Lowe(15) and there was no NTP on the 11th.

New local player Ivor Brayley won the Club Award.

Nine ladies took to the course to play in the first round of the Mona Clark Aggregate (18 holes Stableford). Heavy conditions made the scores lower than usual with Adrianne Anglin winning with 30 points. Runner up was Jan Wealands with 26 points. Adrianne was also NTP.

Five ladies are now competing in Shepparton over two days. Play well girls.

Martin, Bob and Peter

Visitor Wins Midweek

On Wednesday with a field of six, Max Carvill with 33 points was the winner of the stableford competition.  Jeff Aurisch with 32 was second.  Neil Peterson with 25 won the Club Award.

Peter Johnston with 35 points won on Saturday from Brian Simmons with 34 points with Jonathon Fisher 33 third. There was no NTP on the second,  with Bruce Kindred winning the Club Award.

Tanner revels in Spring like conditions.

John Tanner (19) had the better score on the last 9 to win a threeway count back in Saturday’s Stableford event returning a commendable 33 Pts along with Carl Maffei (25) and Peter Johnston (16) taking out the minor placings.

With the forecast of 100 kph winds, the 15 players took to the fairways only to enjoy spring like conditions…..the warmest day with little wind for quite a few weeks.

Neil Peterson, fell on his sword today and saving several of his fellow club men the dubious ‘honour’ of holding the Club Award. Thanks Neil, your mates appreciate your help!

Chooklotto winners were Kevin Coghlan and Greg Clements.

Winter Golf Continuues

Small, yet energetic fields of 8 men and 6 women competed in Wednesday’s events.

Mick Spagnolo (8) won the Men’s Stableford with a credible 34 pts from Jeff Aurisch  (16) with 34. The guys couldn’t land one on the NTP hole…..but most made it to the green in two!

Jan Wealands (31) won the Ladies Monthly Medal with a nett 79 rom Vicky Butler (36)  with 32. Vicki Clements won the putting with 27 putts.

With the course in great condition and some signs the weather is finally warming up we’re fairly sure the scores will too.

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From Club to Medal Award

Alan Pell (10) with a net 70 won the Monthly Medal Saturday.  This was a vast improvement from Wednesday when he won the Club Award.  Alan had 25 putts and also won the putting competition.  Second with a net 72 was new member Brian Simmons (11) with Peter Johnson (16) third with 74 on CB from John Tanner(19).  Neil Peterson won NTP on the 18th.

Vicki Clements was winner for the ladies on the day. Winner of the Club Award was Malcolm Bett.

Men, Men, Men.

Wednesday saw the final round of the gender challenge, which was conducted in drizzling rain for most of the round.  The course was wet with puddles but not that muddy.  The greens were really good and showed the benefit of the recent sanding.

Martin Lowe

Winner of the day was Martin Lowe (15) with 33 stableford points.  Second with 30 points was Jeff Aurisch (16) with Neil Peterson (13) third with 28.   Winner of the ladies was Adrienne Anglin (19) with 27 points.  Michael Spagnolo was NTP on the 14th and Alan Pell won the Club Award with 23 points!

Final Gender Points were Men 122 and the Ladies 4.  A very enjoyable lunch was held after the round in the clubhouse.

President Greg Blitzes

Thirteen men competed in a stableford competition on Saturday.  Greg Clements(15) with 39 points including two wipes, clearly was at the top of his game.  Second with 37 points was Malcolm Bett(20) with Martin Lowe(16) third with 36.

NTP on the 14th was Brian Simmons.  Mic Spagnolo was the popular winner of the Club Award with 29 points.  Mary Ann Peterson was the ladies winner.

Mic Spagnolo happy with his Award.



Gary Pollard leads the Men’s Team

Winter start

Wednesday saw the second round of the winter gender challenge being played at Royal Yea. Captain Gary Pollard(9) with +2 was the winner of the day.  On a foggy but windless and not that cold a morning, he was the only player with a plus score at the par competition.  Second with -1 was consistent Michael Spagnolo(9) and Neil Peterson(13) was third with -3.  Vicky Clements was best of the ladies finishing with -4 and came fourth overall on CB from Martin Lowe, Vicky Butler and Bob Glenister.

NTP was Neil Peterson on the 11th hole and the Club Award was won on CB by Ivor Brayley from Brian Simmons.

The overall gender competition stands at Men – 82 and the Ladies – 2!  All players next Wednesday are reminded to bring a plate for lunch after the third and final round.