Last but not least!

Well Spring certainly turned to Summer in one foul swoop took a little to adjust but we managed. Our last but not least competition concluded for the year now we await for the famous Gender challenge to begin look out boys some of the girls are in mighty fine form! Wednesday we had our second … Read more

First Tournament Win

Stop the press exciting news three young ladies took themselves off to Lancefield to compete for the Mt William Cup on Tuesday 12th Nov. Just to prove dedication pays off our new member and Vice Captain Doreen Lehman first time ever seen let alone played the course scored herself her very first Tournament win! Doreen … Read more

Girly News

Spring has sprung although the weather a little confused very changeable but still its great for golf fairways looking lush and greens tip top condition volunteers should be proud thus makes for some tip top golf as we saw on Wednesday the sixth. Five of the 7 ladies eligible went out to compete for the … Read more

Girly news Yea Girls Claim Victory!

Time for the girl news catch up and as usual many things have been happening. Nine girls ventured up to the Spring Tournament held in picturesque Myrtleford and Bright both courses magnificent and each with different challenges. We were all afraid of the weather forecast it certainly wasn’t reading like we were to have any … Read more

Girly News-VC on a roll

Since our last posting pleased to say another star is emerging! Firstly a great day had on Footy Friday girl stars for the day Sue Aurisch 39 pts and Vicki Clements runner up 36 pts top effort girls Wednesday the 2nd Oct a very small field due to Holidays, babysitting etc but none the less … Read more

Girly news catch up

Since the last posting very pleased to say the Yea girls have been doing well. Firstly two teams went off to play in the cold cold wet, windy freezing conditions of Kilmore to battle for a place to go to the State final of the RWH 4BBB to be played at the Southern Golf Club. … Read more

Girly News Catch up

Spring has sprung or so they say only seeing a wee glimpse so far. Few of us wandered off to Avenel for their Tournament 22nd August. Sun was out but boy was it chilly they forgot to turn off the air con! sadly our only claim to fame was Vicki Clements securing a NTP. But … Read more

Winter chills

A very cold snowy weekend passed us by but left some of the remnants to contend with today. Just eight ladies wearing many a hat, wet weather gear and brollies took themselves out to the fairways to compete for the Margaret Samblebe Brooch Stableford. Margaret’s time at the club spanned from 1989 to 1996 during … Read more

Girly competition galore

What a day at the office! While waking to the sound of the pitter-patter of raindrops thinking one was going to have to don the rain gear and grim and bear it Surprise! once again as predicted and (they are not very often right) rain eased and did not return till after all had finished … Read more

Girly update

Time for a wee catch up on more of the girl conquests. Not to mention hot off the heals winning the Mini Gender challenge! Sorry boys just have to rub it in when we can. 24th July was the Royal Women’s four ball better ball stableford a state wide competition run by Golf Victoria each … Read more